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Life Is Better With A Tribe Of

Like Minded Ass Kickers

Mavericks is a community that connects motivated men and women with ruthless ambition and provides access to all the tools, resources, and connections you’ll need to dramatically improve your relationships, upgrade your health, understand and grow your wealth, and create your best self.


More Time


More Money


More Freedom

Don’t Do Life Alone

The life of an entrepreneur is often lived in solitude. Sure, you have employees, contractors, vendors, and clients, but the buck stops with YOU. Every decision is one YOU make – whether it works out or not. Every goal you set is YOUR goal – and you take responsibility whether your business achieves it or not.

  • Tired of being the only one to process the big business decisions in your life?
  • Wish you had a community of people, just like you, that you could bounce ideas off of?
  • Would you like a group of people to help kick your ass into gear?
  • Are you asking questions that no one around you can answer?
  • Sick of going to networking groups that get your business nowhere?
  • Have you hit a ceiling in your business, your life, your health?

Mavericks’ Mission


Mavericks is a community that serves as your Board of Advisors, Accountability Partners, and Kick-In-The-Ass Coaches.

Meet other entrepreneurs, innovators, and ambitious creators who are committed to living in a way that powerfully upgrades their business and life.

Through the connections, coursework, and resources in this community, we hope to help you navigate the sometimes messy unknowns of entrepreneurship and to stop letting your business overrun your life.

Discover how to claim a spot and start TODAY.

Mavericks Includes

When you invest in the Mavericks Mastermind today you get all of this content from me each week and access to other entrepreneurs in the trenches, just like you.

Rotating Themes

Our rotating themes provide the foundation for coaching content and resources for our members including planning materials, guides, documents, and member directory.

Weekly Videos

Each week I’ll be producing a short video for you based on rotating themes. These 15-30 minute long videos will be available starting on Friday mornings for you to watch at your leisure.

Monthly Coaching Call

Our monthly All Hands calls provide discussion around monthly themes, deep-dive lessons, actionable steps to take, and an opportunity for laser coaching with Chad.


Exclusive Slack Group

Our Slack Group fosters conversation, connection, and idea exchange with other Mavericks members to help you succeed faster.

Book of the Month

Each month you’ll have access to our selected book and discussions around key topics related to the monthly theme.


Resource Library

Access to all of our documents, templates, and tools for maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Chad James

When business owners need a champion – someone to energize them, hold their feet to the fire, and offer radical accountability to turn them into top performers – they call Chad James.

Over the past 17 years, Chad’s combination of tell-it-like-it-is coaching and consulting has driven his entrepreneur clients to explosive levels of growth. Over $10 million worth of annual net profit increases has created an army of “forever clients” for Chad.

Today, Chad runs his life like he runs his business — and coaches his clients to do the same:

To succeed faster and live better, make your “on-paper” priorities your “real-life” priorities.

About Mavericks

This mastermind is for people like YOU who know what to do and yet feel stuck in that place of action and inaction.

This is the accountability you’ve been waiting for. Where results are measured and progress is made daily.

Forget the bells, and whistles, the distractions that you think you need to have or should do—this is where taking ACTION is a priority. No matter how imperfect. Small steps, consistently taken every day.

The result? You get more of the RIGHT things accomplished. Everyday.

Chad has an uncanny ability to help business owners become the success story they dreamt of becoming when they initially started their business. His experience, technique, and aptitude for business are second to none.

Jesse Wicks 
Jesse Wicks

Chad James has an intuitive ability to bring just the right people together at the right time and hold the space in which miracles occur. I broke through being stuck in my life’s greatest passion and the fire is burning hotter than ever.

Eddie Konold 
Eddie Konold

Chad truly understands the trials of the small business owner and I found his breadth of knowledge to be extremely valuable. He has a keen sense of when to approach a conversation with a focus on the emotional, when to approach it with a focus on the day-to-day tactical, and when to step back and take the 40,000-foot view. And he is rock-solid on all of these approaches. I also appreciate how he’s willing to work through my obstacles, yet also willing and able to call a spade a spade and give me the proper kick in the butt when necessary.

Kenny Reisman 
Kenny Reisman

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